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Chirurgeon performing field surgery

Welcome to the Outlands Chirurgeons' Guild web site!

Chirurgeon (ki-rûr'jən): n. Archaic. One who practices surgery - Middle English cirurgien, from old french, drawn from the Latin word chrurgia, or surgery. It is the word from which the modern english word Surgeon is drawn.

The Chirurgeons of the Outlands not surgeons, but use this medieval title as members of the volunteer first aid branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA). The purpose of this website is to provides a virtual community where information, support, and comradery can be developed and maintained.

This site is designed to for both the Chirurgeon and non-chirurgeon alike. For the Chirurgeon, this site provides a schedule of reporting dates, a folder of current forms available for download, and a resource area containing information, articles and links of interest to chirurgeons.

A roster of chirurgeons warranted in the kingdom of Outlands is available both to verify warrants and to aid Autocrats in contacting chirurgeons for events. The roster includes contact information, the branch in which the chirurgeon works, as well as specific roster certification information.

Our "About us" section will provide both newcomers and old hands with information about chirurgeons and the chirurgeons' guild.

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