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Guild News

Date: November 29th, A.S XLI (2006)
Pennsic 35 Report Released

On Nov 29, 2006 Shawn Reed, the chirurgeons Ombudsman released the long awaited Report regarding the Pennsic 35 closure of Chirurgeon's Point.

The Board of Directors collected and received extensive information from a wide range of sources including the Mayor of Pennsic 35, the Principal Kingdom Seneschals, the Society Seneschal, the Society Chirurgeon, the Pennsic War Chirurgeon-in-Charge, Chirurgeons on staff at Pennsic 35, parties directly involved in various incidents, and a number of interested and concerned laypersons.

In their review, the Board determined that poor communication and the willful spread of rumor and misinformation, combined with highly emotional interpretations of the words and actions of others, were responsible for making these events far worse than they ever should have been.

The FAQ is an extensive, but not all inclusive review of the Concerns Raised by the Chirurgeonate concerning Pennsic 35. Additionally, several of the incidents in the faq have been further elaborated upon by the persons directly involved, revealing information not considered by the BoD.

None the less, the FAQ is currently the best tool we have to stem the flood of misinformation and rumors regarding the events at Pennsic 35.

A PDF version of the FAQ is available here.

Date: July 27th, A.S XLI (2006)
What's in a Name?

On July 27th, A.S XLI (2006) Dame Eleanor Isabeau du Coeur, the Society Chirurgeon, announced the decision of the BoD to change the rank titles that have been used in the Chirurgeon's Guild. A copy of Dame Eleanor's message is available here.

The original titles, which were originally instituted to reflect the guild structure of the Chirurgeonate, were called into question by the BoD because of potential legal issues arising from the terms "Master" and "Apprentice."

Proposed titles were discussed over a period of several months. While no suggestions were unanimously acceptable, the new rank titles decided upon are a compromise of the various proposed changes.

Effective immediately, the new rankings are as follows:

"Chirurgeon-in-Training"  replaces  "Apprentice Chirurgeon"
"Chirurgeon"  replaces  "Journeyman Chirurgeon"
"Mentor Chirurgeon"  replaces  "Master Chirurgeon"
"Society Chirurgeon"  replaces  "Chirurgeon General"

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