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Chirurgeon-in-Charge (ChIC)

Portrait of a Doctor (The Magistrate), 1560.
Giovanni Battista Moroni 
(Italian, b. no later than 1524, d. 1578). 
Oil on canvas. 45.87 x 36 in.  
© Pinacoteca Civica Tosio-Martinengo, Brescia
Portrait of a Doctor (The Magistrate), 1560.
© Pinacoteca Civica Tosio-Martinengo, Brescia

There will be a Chirurgeon-in-Charge at all SCA events where the Chirurgeonate is functioning to coordinate and organize the Chirurgeons volunteering at the event. Only a Warranted Chirurgeon or Mentor Chirurgeon (see Section III.14 of the Chirurgeon's Handbook) or Chirurgeon Emeritus (provided the Chirurgeon Emeritus performs only administrative functions) can function as a Chirurgeon-in-Charge. If a Chirurgeon is the only Chirurgeon functioning at an SCA event, then he or she is the Chirurgeon-in-Charge by default.

It is important to note that that it is not necessary for a chirurgeon to be present for an event to occur, nor is there any requirement that a qualified person must work at as a chirurgeon if present at an event.

BoD Governing and Policy Decision #40 states:

"While organized first aid services are desirable at official events, the corporation may not be placed in the position of promising to provide them. Therefore, while SCA branches are encouraged to make every effort to have qualified volunteer first aid personnel available, they are specifically prohibited from requiring the presence of a medical officer at official events, and from in any way implying that the official status of an event depends upon the presence of organized first aid services."

Policies concerning Chirurgeons-in-Charge are listed in detail in Sections III.11 through III.13 of the Chirurgeon's Handbook.

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