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Deputy Kingdom Chirurgeons

A Deputy Kingdom Chirurgeon need not fulfill the requirements of a warranted Chirurgeon as described in Section II.2 of the Chirurgeon's Handbook.

A deputy Kingdom Chirurgeon will be warranted and removed by the Kingdom Chirurgeon and Crown. He or she will perform any duties as directed by the Kingdom Chirurgeon, though those duties will not include first aid unless a separate warrant is held as a Chirurgeon in good standing as described in Sections II.2, II.10 and II.11 of the Chirurgeon's Handbook.

The Kingdom Chirurgeon may delegate duties to a deputy which benefit the Kingdom at large. The Kingdom Chirurgeon may also appoint a deputy who will serve a specific Principality or Region of a Kingdom. Such deputies are commonly known as Principality and Regional Chirurgeons.

If a Kingdom Chirurgeon does not desire a deputy or deputies, this office will not exist in that Kingdom at that time.

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