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Chirurgen Badge

Chirurgeons are both volunteer first aiders and warranted at-large officers of the SCA. A Chirurgeon is fully warranted and sanctioned to provide volunteer first aid at SCA events and serve in Chirurgeon-specific offices.

Duties and Responsibilities of Chirurgeons

Requirements to Maintain Active Status as a Chirurgeon
In order to stay on the roster of warranted Chirurgeons, you need to maintain your SCA membership, keep your CPR and first-aid certifications or medical credentials current, work at least one event a year, and report in writing to your Kingdom Chirurgeon at least annually. Your Kingdom Chirurgeon may require reports more frequently.

Re-warranting Inactive Chirurgeons
During the time that your warrant is valid, if your membership and/or certifications expire, you can not provide any first aid as an active SCA Chirurgeon until you have renewed your membership and certificates. So long as your warrant is still valid, you may return to active status as a Chirurgeon as soon your paperwork is renewed. Whenever your warrant itself expires, you must submit proof of valid SCA membership and certifications to the Kingdom Chirurgeon in order to receive a new warrant.

Suspension and Removal of a Chirurgeon
Any suspension or removal from office must follow the guidelines outlined in Corpora. A Chirurgeon may be suspended or removed from office for (but not limited to) the following reasons:

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