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Chirurgeon Emeritus
Chirurgeon Emeritus Badge

There are individuals who have exceptional abilities and knowledge about the Chirurgeonate, but due to circumstances outside of the SCA, these people are not able to be active in the Chirurgeonate. Many of these people have been Mentor Chirurgeons, or would have become Mentor Chirurgeons if they had been able to continue participation in the Chirurgeonate. Some of these individuals have never been able to join the Chirurgeonate because they cannot perform first aid at SCA events due to legal or employment considerations. Others have been active Chirurgeons in the past but have left the Chirurgeonate because of a permanent or temporary inability to maintain their certifications, often due to health concerns.

Rather than lose the resource and experience these individuals represent, they may remain or be placed on the Kingdom's Chirurgeonate roster as Chirurgeon Emeritus. Issuing a warrant for a Chirurgeon Emeritus is at the discretion of the Kingdom Chirurgeon.

The duties and responsibilities of a Chirurgeon Emeritus are to mentor and advise other Chirurgeons and other interested SCA officers on Chirurgeonate matters. Chirurgeons Emeriti do not provide any first aid at SCA events. The Chirurgeon Emeritus may serve in administrative roles including Chirurgeon-in-Charge of an event as long as they are not involved in direct patient care. SCA membership is not required to be elected to Chirurgeon Emeritus status, but is required if the Chirurgeon Emeritus is to work in an official role such as Chirurgeon-in-Charge. The designation of Chirurgeon Emeritus is strictly honorary.

The circumstances which prevent a Chirurgeon from maintaining current certifications may not be permanent. If a Chirurgeon Emeritus who was a warranted Chirurgeon can renew old certifications or obtain new certifications sufficient for the practice of first aid in the SCA, then that person will be welcomed back into the ranks of active Chirurgeons in their former status, and their status as a Chirurgeon Emeritus will be rescinded.

Chirurgeon Emeriti may display a badge as registered by the Chirurgeon General with the College of Heralds.

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