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Chirurgeon-in-Training Badge

Chirurgeons-in-training have provided their Kingdom Chirurgeon with all the required documentation listed below, and have been accepted by their Kingdom Chirurgeon as a Chirurgeon-in-training.

The Purpose of Apprenticeship
Being a Chirurgeon-in-Training does say that their abilities as a first aid provider are in any way inferior or incomplete. Their apprenticship relates only to the specifics of the Chirurgeonate's administrative policies and procedures, as well as to the unique circumstances that first aid within the SCA's enviroment presents, such as treating a patient wearing plate armor, or in full Elizibethan Court Garb.

Apprenticeship is first and foremost a time for evaluation on the application of first-aid treatment within the structure of the SCA.

The SCA Chirurgeonate does not teach first aid, nor should a Chirurgeon-in-Training expect the SCA to provide any first-aid training. Obtaining first-aid training is the responsibility of the Chirurgeon-in-Training.

How to Become an Apprentice Chirurgeon
In order to be accepted as a Chirurgeon-in-Training, a candidate must apply to the Kingdom Chirurgeon in writing. The application must include:

A Chirurgeon-in-Training Application form is available on the Forms Page.

Only a Kingdom Chirurgeon may accept a candidate as an Apprentice Chirurgeon.

Duties and Responsibilities of Chirurgeons-in-Training
A Chirurgeon-in-Training will gather all the necessary certifications and information required for warranting, and will forward these items to the Kingdom Chirurgeon prior to being accepted as an Apprentice.

A Chirurgeon-in-Training must serve an observation period for as many SCA events as deemed sufficient and necessary by the Kingdom Chirurgeon. Any and all service performed by an Apprentice Chirurgeon at an SCA event will be under the direct observation of a warranted Chirurgeon.

The observation period is an evaluation time. Apprentices are evaluated for: first-aid skill; common sense; an appropriate attitude (i.e. calm, confident, helpful, etc.); and knowledge of the limits, responsibilities, and liabilities of performing Good Samaritan first aid.

The observation period is a training period during which Chirurgeons-in-Training are expected to learn and become knowledgeable regarding the SCA in general; SCA combat (to the extent possible by observation and by discussion of combat rules and conditions if the candidate is not a combatant); armor and armor standards; the roles of other officers and their interactions with the Chirurgeonate; organizational responsibilities of a Chirurgeon-in-Charge; the policies and procedures contained in the Chirurgeon's Handbook; the local Kingdom Chirurgeonate's policies and practices; and local, county, state, province, and national laws governing first aid in the Chirurgeon-in-Training's Kingdom.

While on duty during the observation period, a Chirurgeon-in-Training may wear a badge, favor or token bearing the badge of the Chirurgeonate with no border.

No Chirurgeon-in-Training will perform any first aid as a representative of the Chirurgeonate. Any unsupervised first aid performed by an Chirurgeon-in-Training is considered the action of a private individual.

Apprenticeship in Geographically Isolated Areas
Some Chirurgeon-in-Training candidates live in isolated areas where there are no warranted Chirurgeons within a reasonable traveling distance. For these candidates, apprenticeship may be conducted by correspondence as outlined below:

  1. All paperwork necessary for warranting must be sent to the Kingdom Chirurgeon prior to being accepted as an Apprentice.
  2. The Chirurgeon-in-Training may then perform first aid on a trial basis in the presence of the Seneschal or Marshal of his or her local group at events held by the local group only. First aid performed at fighter practices may qualify as first aid at a group event for the purposes of the Chirurgeons Handbook and at the discretion of the Kingdom Chirurgeon.
  3. Completion of the evaluation period may occur upon receipt by the Kingdom Chirurgeon of affidavits from at least three people verifying to the best of their ability that the Chirurgeon-in-Training has fulfilled the training requirements of The Chirurgeon's Handbook. These three people must include the Seneschal and the Marshal of the local group (if the group has one).

Advancing Beyond Apprenticeship
Apprenticeship in the Chirurgeonate ends by either receiving a warrant as a Chirurgeon or by being dismissed by the Kingdom Chirurgeon.

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