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Mentor Chirurgeon
Mentor Chirurgeon Badge

Each Kingdom may designate certain individuals as Mentor Chirurgeons. These are individuals who have exceptional abilities and have given exceptional service to the Chirurgeonate and the Society. The designation of Mentor Chirurgeon is not rewarded on the basis of advanced certifications or on precedence within the SCA, but on ability and service within the Chirurgeonate alone.

The designation of Mentor Chirurgeon is bestowed at the discretion of the Kingdom Chirurgeon or the Society Chirurgeon.

The duties, responsibilities, and warranting requirements of a Mentor Chirurgeon are the same as those of a Chirurgeon. The Mentor Chirurgeon designation does not imply that a Mentor Chirurgeon supersedes any other Chirurgeon in a first-aid situation. The designation is honorary and does not indicate a superior position in any first-aid, medical or administrative hierarchy within the Chirurgeonate.

Mentor Chirurgeons may display the Chirurgeon emblem with a gold or yellow bordure on the baldric, tabard, or favor.

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